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Maritime and River Transport

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Maritime Transport

Maritime is the main type of waterway transport and takes first place by volumes of goods transported. It has low cost of big size cargoes over long distances. Maritime transport is beneficial in most of the cases for international carriage of goods. The relationship between merchants and shipowners shall be governed by contract for carriage of goods by sea.

We can offer:

  • Our own fleet
  • Chartering department – we can provide competitive prices for carriage of goods by sea
  • We are working closely with all container vessel operators, so you can get the best offer for moving your cargo.


River Transport

River transport is certainly an energy-saving, reliable and environmentally friendly transport mode. The low cost of transport services is an additional benefit. European network of waterways provides mainly transport of various types of bulk cargoes, heavy items and construction equipment as well as the increased container traffic.
With offices in major river ports in Bulgaria and partners along the Danube river, we can offer your transport solutions at competitive prices..

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